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Our Technology

Putting a modern water reuse system into an established and developed city built across a very diverse geographical landscape has set our engineers and contractors major challenges.

Haya Water has met these challenges through the use of innovative tunneling technology and other modern techniques to minimise disruption and ensure the effective implementation of the project – and using technology such as membrane bio-reactor systems that are far beyond the quality that would be normally required.

It was always our commitment to ensure that we used the very best techniques, systems and technologies from around the world to give the people of Muscat a truly world class project – and help to make their city a better and more enjoyable place to live and work in the long term.

Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology is among the most advanced and sophisticated available in the world – and was selected by Haya Water for our project as we recognised that the people of Muscat and Oman deserved the very best quality to ensure high quality and pollutant-free water.

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Last updated on  :   16/01/2012
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